As New South Wale’s third-largest city, Wollongong offers visitors an array of activities to cherish, including scenic stays along the beach, stunning bushwalking tracks through the rainforest, and everything to eat, see, and experience in between. We suggest getting there via the Grand Pacific Drive that will take you through the Royal National Park, providing some of the most stunning ocean views in and around the region.

Once you arrive in Wollongong, dine in some of the best cafes and restaurants, or head to Keira Street where you’ll find some of the best eats in town. As a large city, you’ll find all kinds of events going on throughout the year from festivals to exhibitions and markets. A visit to the Wollongong Art Gallery will have you immersed in some of the finest Aboriginal art collections. For a way to get in touch with native animals, go to the Helensburgh Zoo where you can get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, and wombats.

Visitors should also make their way to the Nan Tien Temple. As the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere, you can visit the temple and tour the grounds, sometimes booking in for various meditative retreats. There are guided tours on Saturdays that visitors can partake in, otherwise, the grounds are open to visit and walk around.

Some of the finest natural landscapes can be found in Wollongong. The Illawarra Escarpment will take you through walking tracks in around Mount Keira and the surrounding rainforest. You can cycle through 42 kilometres of different pathways, or walk your way up Sublime Point - a challenging, but rewarding hike. Stop at Lake Illawarra for a picnic, or go for some kayaking, fishing, or other water sports that are popular along the lake.

For thrill seekers, both hang gliding and skydiving are popular in the area, as it can be the best way to get a view from the top. Hang gliding can be done at Stanwell Park for a birds-eye view of the area. If you prefer to see the area by land, some of the best ocean lookouts can be found along the Sea Cliff Bridge. This winding road will provide awe-inspiring views to be seen by car or train. If you’ve come between May and November there’s a high chance you’re bound to spot a whale or two as they migrate along the coast.

There are all kinds of beautiful beaches in the north of Wollongong that are perfect for a swim, surf, or having a lounge. Coledale Beach, Austinmer Beach and North Wollongong Beach are all popular destinations - you’ll even find some rock pools at Austinmer Beach. With so much beauty to see and experience in Wollongong, you’ll find yourself having a full day trip or an extended weekend of fun.