Located right along the Lachlan River, is Parkes an old mining town complete with several museums that are destinations within their own right. A region complete with history, rich agriculture, famous festivals and sites makes it an ideal place to stop along your country road journey.

The most notable feature of Parkes is at the Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre where visitors from all over come to learn about the influence of the famous telescope called “The Dish”. You can spend an afternoon here learning about the stars, the history of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing, and how The Dish has served as part of the world’s data and research in all things astronomy.

From there, head to several museums within the Henry Parkes Centre. Along with a visitor information centre to find more out about your stay, you can explore museums like the Parkes Motor Museum, Henry Parkes Museum, the Antique Machinery Collection and the King’s Castle Elvis Exhibit. If you happen to make it to Parkes in January, you can also take part in the Parkes Elvis Festival where Elvis impersonators from all over come to celebrate the history and music of music legend, Elvis Presley.

There are also plenty of other festivals, events, and shows in and around Parkes to take advantage of ranging from picnic races, kayaking, and wine tasting thanks to the lush agricultural region. Slow down and embrace the countryside in Parkes with beautiful outdoors, bushwalking, and museums to explore.