To the west of Sydney, you’ll find the quaint town of Orange inviting you to experience it’s charm, historic buildings, and stunning scenery amongst Mount Canobolas.  Upon arriving, head to the Visitor Information Centre which will tell you where to start your walk along the Orange Heritage Trail that will take you through the town to see historic buildings, sites, and places of significance to the town.

Food is central to Orange, and as a large agricultural hub you’ll experience some of the most incredible meals, produce and culinary cafes. The region is also home to a large selection of regional wines that develop at a much finer process thanks to the cooler climate. Head to the farmers market for a fun weekend activity or experience the F.O.O.D Week for a complete culinary experience.

Perhaps the grandest aspect of Orange is the scenery you’ll find thanks to Mount Canobolas. This is an ancient volcano, and the surrounding area has been made into a large conservation area complete with several walking tracks to take in its majestic beauty. Just below Mount Canobolas sits the town of Orange, complete with several gardens and parks. For a beautiful, scenic afternoon spend time at the Orange Botanic Gardens. For an art scene, head to the Orange Regional Gallery and wander amongst various gift shops and stores doting local goods and artisanal products. A place to experience the four seasons, you’ll find something new and enticing no matter the time of year.