Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a small town in the Blue Mountains. Set 120 kilometres by car from Sydney and residing 1,052 metres above sea level. This charming town brings back the rich history of Australia and is an excellent base for exploring the Blue Mountains. While you’re visiting, stop by the Mount Victoria and District Historical Society Museum for a taste of natural history exhibits, stories of the convicts, and tales of life in the Blue Mountains. The village is made up of mid-19th-century historic buildings for you to explore. Take Mount Piddington Road to experience a summit lookout showcasing views across Kanimbla Valley, as well as many bushwalking tracks to Hornes Point and the Fairy Bower Reserve. Mount Victoria is a gorgeous, quaint little town for you to stop by during your journey through the Blue Mountains. It is a heritage listed town and will connect you Cox’s Cave, Ross Cave and Bushranger Cave as well as lookouts like Sunset Rock Lookout and Mitchell’s Ridge.