Named after a small Irish town, Moree sits upon the Mehi River in New South Wales, beckoning tourists and visitors to stop on the highway and take in the beautiful surrounds of the Gwydir Valley.

Moree is home to natural hot springs formed from the Great Artesian Basin, providing intense therapeutic benefits sought after by visitors year after year. Head to the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre to soak in the hot springs heating up to 41 degrees celsius. The centre has more than just hot springs, with spas, a sauna and a gym to occupy your time. You can also happily settle for a massage or beauty treatment, should you be in need of some more TLC.

You’ll notice the earth of Moree to be rich and black, which has been ideal for the cultivation of various agricultural products, most notably being pecans. Visitors can tend to the farms of pecans, cotton, or even gin. For this reason, the Moree on a Plate Food and Wine Festival takes place every May to celebrate the abundance of culinary produce year round.

Moree is also home to several art galleries, including the Bank Art Museum where you’ll find local artists as well as collections of indigenous art that is at the heart of Moree’s roots. Walking around, you’ll stumble on heritage buildings and art walks. Immerse yourself in the heart of Moree and find a new found sense of belonging amongst its charming streets, locally produced food, and therapeutic waters.