Known as the gateway to the outback, Mildura is a one of a kind experience offering so many activities and excursions amongst its stunning red earth. From incredible culinary dining and wine tasting to outstanding destinations in the Murray Sunset National Park, there is an enticing journey that awaits you as you make your way into the outback.

Although Mildura exudes a small town feel, it has a large art scene surrounding theatre, literature, music and wine. Opt for a tour to have a full day that will take you through various farms and wineries. With so many boutique wineries to choose from you can see everything from the Trentham Estate Winery to the Sunraysia Cellar Door. Each will offer a unique dining and wine experience.

There is stunning natural beauty to be seen in Mildura. Take advantage of this by renting a houseboat on your holiday, opting for a weekend of relaxation, swimming, and even adventurous water sports on the Murray River. Many people stop in Mildura before heading into the World Heritage listed Mungo National Park where you’ll be dazzled with archaeological history. Visit the Mildura Salt Lake and find beautiful pink salt that tastes as beautiful as it looks.

With endless beauty set against the red earth, you’ll find the town of Mildura to be pleasing to the eye and even better to your senses. Beautiful golf courses, exquisite wineries, and a landscape with as much history packed into it as possible will leave you touched.