Home to idyllic beaches, rainforest walking tracks, adorable koalas and stunning waterfalls, the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales is not to be missed. In the heart of this fantastic region is the vibrant hinterland city of Lismore. Lismore attracts an array of creative types looking to pursue their art, and individuals seeking alternative lifestyles. As a result, a rich arts and music scene has emerged.

Embrace the culture of Lismore at the array of studios, theatres, and galleries. Embark on the Lismore Arts Trail to discover all types of art from street art to fine galleries. Begin at the Lismore Regional Gallery, housing impressive permanent collections featuring famous Australian artists, as well as regular exhibitions. Continue onwards to discover more galleries, as well as colourful street murals and the Back Alley Gallery, showcasing graffiti art from various artists. Along the banks of Wilsons River, you will find an intriguing collection of sculptures and art installations.

Learn all about some of Lismore’s most significant buildings on the self-guided Historic Interest Walk. You will discover educational buildings and war memorials alongside several other places of interest as you wander the city.

Lismore is particularly proud of the delicious produce from the surrounding farmland, which includes coffee, macadamias, pecans, various fruits and vegetables, and meats. Visit the weekly Lismore Organic Food Market to indulge in the freshest local produce. After a long day of culture, indulge in dinner at your choice of various restaurants, which are pleased to serve locally produced goods.