Jervis Bay

If you crave stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and endless opportunities to interact with nature, Jervis Bay is just the place. From snorkeling and diving to camping and exploring the town, there is so much to do and see in Jervis Bay you’ll want to stay for more than just one day.

One of the top activities in Jervis Bay is snorkeling, and for good reason. The crystal clear waters offer snorkelers incredible visibility to see the world below teeming with wildlife where you’ll see plenty of dolphins, fish, octopus and sea dragons. There are two popular destinations to snorkel, including Hyams Beach and Jervis Bay Marine Park. Hyams Beach is known for its famous white sand beaches, arguably the finest in the world making it a double destination to snorkel and have a day at the beach. Otherwise, Jervis Bay Marine Park is a defined source of underwater adventure for both snorkelers and scuba divers. You can go out on your own, or there are several dive and boat centres that will take you out.

As for beaches, you’ll discover some of the best in the world in Jervis Bay. For a way to get your exercise in, head to Greenfield Beach where you can make your way along the White Sands Walk, a 2.5-kilometre loop that will take you along the beach. Head to the small town of Huskisson for an afternoon of leisure, where you’re likely to spot a whale or two, between May and November. If you don’t see whales by land, you can book a boat tour that will take you out to sea where you can get up close and take some amazing photos of them.

If you seek creature comforts there are several small towns within Jervis Bay including Callala Bay, Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay Village, Vincentia and Huskisson. Each town offers something special, including accommodation and restaurants that will give you close access to the beaches and national parks. You’ll find plenty of pubs, shops, and things to do in these small coastal towns.

One of the best places to go in Jervis Bay is the Booderee National Park. A small entrance fee to the park helps contribute to its preservation of the natural landscape and Aboriginal heritage. Within the park, there are the Booderee Botanic Gardens where you can take a guided tour of the bush and learn about traditional medicinal plants in Aboriginal culture. Caves Beach is also located within the national park which provides a campsite that will have you staying in some of the most secluded beaches, complete with both the calming waters of a bay and surf on the beach.

Plan your next escape to Jervis Bay for a kind of seclusion to the natural environment that steals the hearts of visitors from all around the world. It’s white sand beaches and national parks will have you swimming, snorkeling and surfing in some of the finest waters, rich in Aboriginal culture and natural wildlife.