Take a step back and relax in the charming fishing village of Iluka. This peaceful town is unpretentious and relatively untouched; however, there is no shortage of exciting things to do. With beautiful beaches, a stunning river, and a sub-tropical rainforest, it’s the perfect spot for those who love to explore the outdoors.

Iluka is located on the north side of the lovely Clarence River, which offers a variety of activities, whether you prefer to explore the sensational scenery by boat, kayak or paddleboard. If you prefer to stay on land, you will find a fantastic walking track within the Iluka nature reserve. Iluka boasts the largest remaining seaside rainforest in the state. Venture through lush greenery along the Iluka rainforest walking track, a 2.6km trail shaded by an emerald canopy. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting the 140 species that call Iluka home.

The trail will deliver you to the idyllic coastline via the Iluka Bluff Lookout – a prime vantage point to take in the outstanding natural beauty, and spot dolphins and whales amongst the waves. Continue to Bluff Beach to feel the pristine white sand between your toes. This is the most popular surfing beach in the area, with waves to tempt surfers of all abilities. At the south end of the beach, you will discover Woody Bay, which is the preferred spot for swimming as it is patrolled during the summer holidays. Fishing is another popular activity on several of the beaches, so try to catch some bream, snapper or flathead for dinner.