Head to the Great Western Plains of NSW to discover Dubbo, a small town that oozes countryside appeal. More than just a small town, Dubbo offers visitors to learn more about the history that took place, it’s beautifully ornate architectural buildings, its aboriginal culture and roots and of course, the nature that lays minutes outside the town.

As agriculture and wool are major industries in Dubbo, you’ll often find the town in celebration of these with events in the theatre or convention centre. To better understand the history of Dubbo, stop at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, which includes the Dubbo Regional Gallery where you will learn about the Tubbagah People of the Wiradjuri Nation, an aboriginal tribe that has kept much of its traditions alive. You can even spot murals representing their artwork under the LH Ford Bridge as part of the Tracker Riley Cycleway.

The Western Plains Zoo is just outside of Dubbo, and is a popular attraction for visitors all over the world thanks to the unique design of the zoo. Rather than confined small, spaces, the zoo was created with the idea that the larger animals would be able to roam. You’ll see that the zoo is comprised of large, open spaces with an open trench that serves as a barrier, rather than fencing. You can see animals both native and exotic at this zoo. Ending your visit to Dubbo it will leave you embracing the plains in a way you never thought you would before.