Cooma is based in southern New South Wales and is an excellent base if you plan on experiencing the Snowy Mountains. It is the largest town in the Snowy Mountains alpine region and is set four hours from Sydney and about 80 minutes from Canberra. Cooma has a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets and is also home to the Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre.

In winter months take advantage of skiing and snowboarding with snowfields between 70 to 95 minutes drive away, but be sure to pack your warm clothes, as Cooma can get bitterly cold due to the wind from the Snowy Mountains across the flat, Monaro Plains.

Choose from a range of adventure tours in the area to get to know the stunning landscape surrounding the town like bushwalking, horse riding, white-water rafting and mountain biking. As the temperature begins to rise, enjoy a picnic in the Centennial Park and indulge in views at Nanny Goat Hill Lookout. The Correctional Services Gaul Museum is another fascinating place to spend your day at or experience the Lambie Town Walk. The walk is five kilometres around town which showcases 24 buildings, and places of historical interest, it is an easy way to experience some of the most iconic parts of Cooma. The lakes surrounding are great for fishing, and you can opt to take a fishing tour with one of the local guides.

Cooma brings a wealth of history and adventure activities for you to explore while visiting the Snowy Mountains.