Charlotte Pass

Set in the beautiful Kosciuszko National Park, Charlotte Pass sits at 1,837 metres elevation and is a trekking location, resort location and village in the Snowy Mountains. The town is the closest one to Mount Kosciuszko and considered the highest snow resort in Australia. From Charlotte Pass you’ll have access to incredible skiing, snowboarding and downhill runs, and you can also continue to Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko. Stay at the impressive Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel with views of the mountain from your hotel room.

From June to early October, the area becomes covered in snow making the resort only accessible by over-snow transport from the Skitube railway terminal. No matter what level skier you are, the area provides a mix of terrains from beginners through to highly experienced runs, with lessons available too. To enjoy skiing the slopes under the stars, take a night skiing experience on Wednesday and Saturdays, or opt for a sunrise ski on the Mount Stilwell experience.

What’s unique about Charlotte Pass is that the resort has no cars and often little crowds due to it being completely snowbound, with views surrounding of Mount Kosciuszko. Conquer Australia’s highest peak by trekking Mount Kosciuszko, with a choice of guided tours otherwise go at your own pace. As the weather begins to heat up, Charlotte Pass is a starting point for those taking the Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk and Main Range walk. The Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk is 9 kilometres each way, otherwise, for something a bit longer, the Main Range walk is a loop passing glacial lakes and is 22 kilometres in total. On the walk take in views across the Victorian Alps and experience the crisp mountain air. Be sure to check weather conditions and prepare accordingly for your hike if you choose to do it alone.

Charlotte Pass is a scenic, and cozy little village perfect to immerse yourself in the snow at Kosciuszko National Park. Due to being the highest town in the Snowy Mountains, it means that it will most likely have the most snow and best chance for a covered ski run while you’re visiting.