Broken Hill

Broken Hill has left a significant mark in mining history, with an array of art galleries, heritage mining landmarks as well as holding the title of Australia's first heritage-listed city for you to explore. Broken Hill's dramatic desert landscape sits in the background and as you wander down Argent Street and you'll find a mix of restaurants, galleries and cafes. Take the Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour to gain more in-depth insight around what the history of Broken Hill looks like.

With no other main city close by to Broken Hill, Sydney is 1144 kilometres east, and Adelaide resides 512 kilometres southwest. Regional flights from both cities are available; however, flights are expensive. Instead, travel by car or take the Xplorer train, which takes about 13 and a half hours from Sydney to Broken Hill. Buses run weekly from Adelaide, which are 7 hours in total.

Some of the highlights in town worth visiting include the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, home to a collection of local artists like Pro Hart and Eric Minchin. The Albert Kersten Mining and Mineral Museum provides detailed insight around geology and mineral exploration.

Drive 20 minutes out of town, and you'll find the Living Deserts Sculptures, made up of 12 sandstone sculptures trailing through the Living Desert Reserve. The sculptures were created in 1993 by a mix of international artists.

Continue through the many national parks and travel south of Broken Hill out to the Menindee Lakes, one of nine lakes adjoining the Darling River. A visit to the lakes makes a wonderful day trip to explore the beautiful birdlife, water sports or fishing. You can also book accommodation at the shearer’s quarters or stay along the park's river and lakeside areas, available to camp. The lakes are located in the Menindee town and are a great overnight stop while visiting Broken Hill.

Accommodation in Broken Hill is made up of motels, guesthouses and private cottages, with many motels considered to be high priced for what's on offer. Dining options include some restaurants and cafes as well as a supermarket for you to cook at home; however, options can be limited.