The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park NSW, Australia
Image Source: Alec Mamwell

In the Blue Mountains National Park you’ll find three sandstone peaks, shaped and weathered as time goes on and carved out over thousands of years, the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters is one of the most iconic landmarks in New South Wales, set in the Blue Mountains, just two hours from Sydney. Sitting 900 metres above Jamison Valley, the rock formations glow with the morning sun and evening pastel hues. One of the best viewpoints to experience the Three Sisters is from Echo Point. If the purpose of your whole trip is to experience the Three Sisters, then consider basing yourself in Katoomba, a town on the edge of the Blue Mountains.

While experiencing dramatic valleys and rock formations, there are several ways to experience The Three Sisters. Choose to abseil, hike or take the Scenic World railway to explore the land from every angle. Take the many scenic walks passing by cascading waterfalls and stunning cliffs. The Giant Stairway will lead you to the base of the Three Sisters onto a serene boardwalk. Another great way to experience the Three Sisters, in a more relaxing style is on the Scenic Railway; the world’s steepest train taking you through the lush rainforest with views across the iconic landmark.

The Three Sisters is visited by millions of people each year, and as the day goes on, the sunlight reflects magnificent colours off the rocks. If you choose to venture later on in the evening, the formations are floodlit until 11 pm creating a beautiful outline against the dark night sky. To experience the Three Sisters at night, spend a night at Lilianfels Resort and Spa, just a short walk from the iconic landscape.

The Three Sisters stand at around 920 metres tall and have been here for over 50 million years. The Three Sisters play a significant in Aboriginal history, and the incredible legend lives on. The story goes that there were three beautiful sisters called Wimlah, Gunnedoo and Meehni and one day they were turned to stone by their leader due to falling for three brothers from another tribe - considered to be a forbidden act under the tribal law. The brothers journeyed to capture the women and spend their lives together, and a battle began. And so, the elder turned the women to stone to protect them. Once the battle ended, he planned to reverse the spell and bring them back to life; however he was killed, and no one else could bring the women back. This is just one of the many legends surrounding the Three Sisters, and at Warandah Aboriginal Centre, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal storytelling and learn more about stories told about the Three Sisters for thousands of years.

While you’re visiting the Blue Mountains, spend some time exploring the incredible history and iconic landmark that is, the Three Sisters. Start your journey in Katoomba and venture to Echo Point to truly make the most of experiencing this historic landmark.

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park NSW, Australia