The Gap Park

The Gap, Watsons Bay NSW, Australia

On the rugged eastern coastline of the Watsons Bay peninsula is one of the most dramatic Pacific viewpoints, the Gap. The Gap in an ocean-facing, sheer vertical cliff making up part of the South Head Peninsula, where Sydney Harbour meets the open sea.

At the bottom of the cliff ledge, the mighty Tasman Sea crashes and churns below. It’s a stirring sight, making it a popular visitor destination, but unfortunately, this beautiful place has earned notoriety as a suicide spot. Fortunately, measures such as security cameras and emergency phones have been implemented in recent years in an effort to potentially save lives.

Adjacent to the Gap itself is Gap Park, a public recreation area established in 1887. From street level, a series of pathways ascend towards the clifftops, meandering through windswept coastal vegetation and surrounded by the dramatic coastal rock formations of the headlands. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be treated to some of the most breathtakingly scenic views anywhere along the Sydney coastline, wrapping around all the way around from Sydney Harbour to the endless blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Between May and October, keep a lookout for humpback whales on their annual east coast migration.

Gap Park is also the northern start point of the 5km Federation Cliff Walk. The magnificent, yet easy walk (around 1.5 hours one way) traverses high sandstone cliffs commanding panoramic views of the rugged peninsula coastline and the Tasman Sea. From the Gap Park, following the cliff-side park to the southern takes you through Christenson Park, Signal Hill Fort, the famous Macquarie Lighthouse and finally, majestic Diamond Bay Reserve.

The Gap, Watsons Bay NSW, Australia