Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Obley Rd, Dubbo NSW, Australia

Perhaps one of the greatest attractions in Dubbo is the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. An expansive area rich in wildlife both native and non-native to Australia, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the wild as you roam through the territory getting to know the animals around you. Open every day of the year, your visit here will be well worth marking it in your itinerary as one of Dubbo’s most iconic sites.

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo was created as a larger space for many of the animals located at zoos in Sydney that needed more room to roam. Because of this, you’ll find incredible animals such as rhinos, giraffes, large cats, and elephants. To get there, take the Newell Highway about 4 km outside of Dubbo. The large plains allow animals to graze freely as close to their natural habitat as possible to encourage the health and well being of the animals and the people that come to interact with them.

The zoo features an open range design, so you won’t see cages and wires, but rather a large moat that has been used to separate visitors from the animals that inhabit the space. The park is a 6km circuit, and you’ll need to plan for a full day or even two at this zoo to get the full experience traversing by foot, bike, car hire, or cart. With over 300 hectares of bush, you will want to have ample time for your excursion.

It is suggested to arrive early if you’d like an electric cart, as these are often first-come, first-served and go quickly. Otherwise, you can rent a bike to cruise along the walkway that will take you through the park. You can also travel on foot, spending a day or two amongst the reserve (tickets are valid for two consecutive days). Bring a picnic and enjoy the animals, wildlife, and landscapes that surround you. The Taronga Western Plains Zoo was once voted the best tourist attraction and has such an incredible variety of animals in large, far-reaching areas that will have you awestruck with wonder.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Obley Rd, Dubbo NSW, Australia