Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck

Sydney Tower Eye, Market Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

Standing 250 metres high in the sky, experience panoramic views above Sydney city at the Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck. The observation deck is considered to be one of Sydney's most popular attractions, with its gold facade now an iconic part of Sydney's skyline. The tower is the second highest in the Southern Hemisphere and allows you to witness views of Sydney's many incredible landmarks. Here you'll see the dense buildings packed into Sydney's Central Business District (CBD), the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and more. From above, watch the city pulse as rush hour hits, where cars, pedestrians and cyclists begin to move cohesively as one. Try to visit on a clear day, and you'll be able to see as far out as the Blue Mountains.

The tower shares information around how it was built, as well as its design features and engineering for you to learn about. Construction of the tower began in 1970 and below stands a shopping centre in the heart of Sydney's CBD. In the building, you'll also find office spaces. The tower was completed in 1981, then named the Centrepoint Tower. What's notable about this tower is that it has been engineered to tolerate strong winds and earthquakes, using 56 cables to stabilize it. A 162,000-liter water stand sits at the top of the turret and also provides stabilisation. The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck is the tallest freestanding structure in the city and has a capacity of 960 persons, it only takes 40 seconds to travel in the elevator from top to bottom. Touch screens have been set up throughout for an interactive experience and binoculars will give you intricate views of areas of interest.

Included in the admission fee is access to the 4D Cinema Experience. The cinema takes you across the city showcasing a birds-eye views of Sydney's landmarks. The footage features the sparkling coastline with theatre effects like water, bubbles and wind to add to the experience. Overall, the total experience takes about one hour, and your ticket includes a return trip up to the observation deck and to the 4D cinema experience. The centre is open all year round, and if you wish to go outside of the tower, you can opt for the Skywalk ticket. Prebook a date and time to guarantee entry.

Once you've witnessed views from above, it's time to indulge in the Sydney Tower's Revolving Restaurant; 360 Bar and Dining. Sitting 305 metres above Sydney, the menu is made up of seasonal produce and quality ingredients. Indulge in a dining experience with wines to pair or cocktails to keep the night going. The 360 Bar is beautiful at sunset as you watch the sky fill with colour as the sun goes down. After sunset, indulge in a five-course degustation menu and some of the best views of Sydney. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. An entire rotation takes about 80 minutes, and all diners are guaranteed with a view.

Sydney Tower Eye, Market Street, Sydney NSW, Australia