Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW, Australia

As the Sydney Opera House stands tall on Sydney Harbour, its unique fusion of traditional and modern design comes to life. It now stands as a symbol of contemporary architecture and is quite possibly one of the most recognisable buildings in Australia.

The Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s home of the arts and a place where creativity can be explored in all forms. Between events, music, activities, tours, food and drink, the Sydney Opera House features over 40 shows a week. As millions of visitors each year flock to witness the elegance of the building, along with world-class performers in theatre, music, opera, ballet and more.

The distinct white peaks of the opera house stand tall on Bennelong Point. If you're looking for the best vantage point available, encounter views of the Sydney Opera House from the Manly Ferry on water, or walk along Darling Harbour to meet it up close.

The Sydney Opera House was built as a solution by a resident conductor, Eugene Goossens in 1947 identifying Australia's lack of music facilities for symphony orchestra and music groups. Following on from that, the New South Wales Government approved it, and Bennelong Point was chosen as the official location. Once the site was determined, the state government sponsored a competition across the globe to custom design a building with two halls. The brief was that one hall needed to be for concerts and the other for presentations and smaller events. Across 30 different countries, 233 architects submitted their work, and in 1957 the winner, Danish architect Jørn Utzon was crowned. His concept showcases two main halls facing out to the harbour with each covered in a row of sail-shaped panels. This design now stands as the Sydney Opera House. The construction took 14 years, and over 10,000 construction workers were involved. One of the beautiful details of this structure is that the roof is made up of over 1 million tiles covering 1.62 hectares. Get up close to the Opera House, and you'll notice this incredible detail.

On any given day, experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the building available in many languages. Learn about stories of the performing arts centre and see why it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage listed building. Beyond the shows hosted in the Sydney Opera House, the white canvas-like exterior of the building creates an incredible platform to feature digital light shows for passers-by to see during Vivid Sydney Festival of Light.

Once you've experienced all the wonders of the opera house, stop by the Opera Bar for sweeping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Taste your way through the cocktail list or dine alfresco at the Opera Kitchen to soak up Sydney's incredible atmosphere. For a more formal affair, make a reservation at Bennelong, with a variety of menu options to begin your night at the opera. The Sydney Opera House is an iconic part of Sydney's identity as a city and is a must-visit when exploring Sydney.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW, Australia