Pro Hart Gallery

PRO Hart Gallery, Wyman Street, Broken Hill NSW, Australia

Pro Hart Gallery was created as a tribute to the incredible artist, Pro Hart. A Broken Hill local, this artist transforms Australian scenery and outback hues into colourful artwork. Starting out as a miner, he is now one of Australia’s notable artists, specialising in a range of media from drawing to painting and sculpting too. The three-level gallery showcases Pro Hart’s work and originally was his studio and home where his five children were raised. Beyond art, you’ll also see up close Pro Hart’s incredible car collection as well as sculptures standing tall as soon as you step into the gallery. See the detail in his Rolls Royce, which has been hand painted, or stop and observe the video presentation telling the story of his life and work.

Pro Hart’s art encapsulates the striking colours of the outback; his ongoing desire to experiment with media is evident in his work too. At the gallery, you’ll also find art for sale, available for you to take home or a gift shop for an array of homewares, stationary books and ornaments. Pro Hart’s passion resided in both the creation and philosophy of art and his work is categorised in formal and narrative styles. A mix of colours, forms and patterns give his work a distinctive sense that creates his unique aesthetic. When it comes to showcasing his narrative style, you’ll see picnics, streetscapes, portraits and country race meetings depicted throughout his work. The more figurative work demonstrates life in Broken Hill and his take on it.

Stop by Pro Hart Gallery for an interactive experience and to learn about local, Broken Hill artist, Pro Hart.

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PRO Hart Gallery, Wyman Street, Broken Hill NSW, Australia