Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill Park, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point NSW, Australia

Spread across one of the finest harbour vantage points Sydney has to offer, the outlook from the top of Observatory Hill captures a dramatic perspective of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, gazing northward towards the historic wharves of Millers Point. The widescreen views of the harbour continue in a dramatic sweep over the Opera House, the historic Rocks district and out to Lavender Bay and Luna Park.

A favourite spot for New Year’s Eve fireworks watching (staking out a spot in the extremely early hours is an absolute must!), don’t be surprised to see newly married couples in their full get-up having their wedding photos snapped here. The park also attracts and camera-toting hobbyist and professional photographers keen to catch a dramatic sunset shot over the harbour. Observatory Hill Park is one of the quieter spots (NYE excepted, of course) to aim for that postcard-perfect Sydney Harbour panorama shot. It’s slightly hidden away within a 20 minute walk from Circular Quay, although it can also be easily reached by buses from the city heading to Miller’s Point.

Apart from being home to the historic, still-function Sydney Observatory (a fabulous attraction in itself), the park features a picturesque rotunda (dating back to 1912), fitness stations with outdoor gym equipment, public art installations and a tennis court.

The expansive, grassy area at the top of the hill just about takes the cake for the most romantic picnic spot in the city, particularly during the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset. Pack a picnic blanket and a basket of nibbles and gaze out over the sublime spectacle of the sun setting over the world’s most beautiful harbour, out to the open ocean beyond.

Observatory Hill Park, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point NSW, Australia