Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama NSW, Australia

The Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit has long held a place in Bathurst’s history. This circuit is an iconic place for the racing sport both in Australia and all over the world thanks to the support towards the development of motor racing throughout the years. As the track is open to the public during non-events, you can even become a bit of a daredevil yourself driving along the track to discover the hairpin turns that leave drivers on the seat of their pants.

Created during the 1930s, the mayor of Bathurst, Martin Griffin, wanted to use the town’s roads around the city to plan a course for racers as a man enthralled with the sport himself. Over time, the course eventually became open to the public and home to races during Easter, bringing in racing enthusiasts to the region. Initially, the first event held was a combination of bikes and cars, not solely motor vehicles.

Over time as racing has developed the circuit has remained as a place for racers to come and test their cars in annual events like the Bathurst 1000. Races began to be televised and slowly became a larger attraction year after year, bringing the best in racing to the region to test their skills and fear.

As a viewer, sit or stand atop the mountain with barriers from the racers to watch as cars whiz through with speed and endurance unlike any other. Facilities for pit racers now exist, and spaces have opened up for both racers and tourists to experience the circuit. If you do decide to visit outside racing events, you can drive the track at 60km/hour but keep in mind this speed is strictly enforced. There is also the National Motor Racing Museum where you can learn more about the history and influence of the sport on the town. Whether you come to experience the track as a spectator at a large racing event or as a passer-by, you’re bound to have a memorable time.

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama NSW, Australia