Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia

Home to Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko, the incredible Kosciuszko National Park brings an array of outdoor activities for you to explore. Set in the Snowy Mountains; make the most of snow spots in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.

Kosciuszko National Park brings three million visitors each year and is 150 kilometres in length. Choose from the of heritage accommodation options suitable for all travel styles or choose to camp, to truly experience Australia’s wilderness. Across the national park, you’ll find rare plants and temperate rainforest, with Mt Kosciuszko sitting at 2, 228 kilometres above sea level. In the national park, look out for the cute and native pygmy-possum and corroboree frog. Aboriginal people continue to reside in the park with a strong connection to the land; they make the most of the foothills and river valleys.

In the summer, Kosciuszko National Park has a choice of scenic walks perfect for all different skills levels. Spend extended time in Kosciuszko National Park with over twenty different camping sites, and a variety of lodges with self-contained accommodation options too. If you intend on completing a long hike or overnight adventure in the more remote areas of the park, make sure you complete a trip intention form and be sure to carry a Personal Locator Beacon for safety.

Kosciuszko National Park has seven different areas to discover and depending on the season; certain areas are more favoured than others for the best snow cover or walking tracks. Explore the Thredbo-Perisher area, Selwyn area, Lower Snowy River area, Khancoban area, Yarrangobilly area, Tumut area and High Plains area.

The Thredbo-Perisher area is where you’ll find Mount Kosciuszko, as well as an array of ski resorts, hike trails and mountain bike trails. It is excellent in both summer and winter months to ski in the winter and climb Mount Kosciuszko comfortably in the summer. The Selwyn area is a family friendly area with a snow resort as well as scenic walks and fishing spots; it is considered to be the central area for Kosciuszko National Park.

The Lower Snowy River area encapsulates the wild south of the park and is made up of scenic trails and the Snowy River, and the Khancoban area has a mix of camping spots, fishing and riding, as well as the Western Fall views. The Yarrangobilly area brings astonishing caves and thermal pools along with walks in the area. The Tumut area has an array of water spots at the Blowering Reservoir and is excellent to camp at or explore the foothills. Finally, the High Plains area is best during the summer months with horse riding and bike trails as well as heritage cottages and gorges.

When visiting Kosciuszko National Park, choose the area you’d like to explore and plan your trip around it with the choice of adventures and accommodation options available. Make the most of the winter ski season and the many ski lodges or the scenic hiking tracks available once the snow begins to melt.

Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia