Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail

As you wander through the pretty town of Port Macquarie, you may spot a painted, one-metre tall koala sculpture... or fifty! This is the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail, an innovative public art display featuring over 65 hand-painted koala statues. Each one is a unique work of art, with different designs and names.

Kids and adults alike love to wander the colourful trail, admire the sculptures and take photos. You won’t find anything like this elsewhere, so it’s not to be missed on a visit to Port Macquarie. Not only is the trail impressive to come and view, but it also raises awareness of problems facing our koala population, such as disease and loss of habitats, and the importance of protecting them.

Three years after the sculpture trail was established in 2014, the annual Hello Koalas Festival was launched in June 2017, providing a long weekend of fun for the whole family.

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