Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap lookout, Blue Mountains National Park NSW, Australia

Govetts Leap, in the Blackheath area, takes hikers on a wander through the Blue Mountains National Park showcasing sweeping views across Grose Valley. Starting at the Govetts Leap lookout, you’ll have a choice of walks - the Pulpit Track, Popes Glen Walk to the north and Bridal Veil Falls and Barrow Lookout to the south.

The Govetts Leap descent is challenging and will keep hikers who are looking for a trial, satisfied. About 1.8 kilometres return, the steep walk takes approximately one to two hours, you'll pass by scenic waterfalls in the valley and native plant life. The base of the falls is a 180-metre drop, and as you descend, the air begins to purify. 

The Pulpit Walking track is a 7-kilometre return walk and showcases views across the valley, brightly colours wildflowers and bird watching. On your hike, you’ll pass several lookouts; however the most noteworthy is the 280-degree view of Grose Valley with the mountains lining the sky. Set along the cliff line, you’ll find eucalypt forest surrounding and hanging swamps.

If committing to one track is too hard to decide, take the circuit walk from Popes Glen to Pulpit Rock, Govetts Leap and the Braeside Track. On this track, you’ll experience a mix of scenery and some of the highlights of the Blackheath area in the Blue Mountains National Park. From Boyds Beach to Govetts Leap Lookout and the stunning waterfalls surrounding, the track is 13.6 kilometres and will take about 8 hours. As it is a more challenging and long track, be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Govetts Leap lookout, Blue Mountains National Park NSW, Australia