Australian Museum

Australian Museum, William Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

There’s no doubt that Sydney is an outdoorsy kinda place overall, but that doesn’t mean the city is without a number of genuinely great museums.

Focusing on Aboriginal culture, early colonial Australia as well as natural history, from the fossil age to the present day conservation era, the museum boasts a variety of huge, well laid-out permanent galleries, plenty of cool tech and gadgets to interact with and loads of educational activities for kids of all ages. The impressive exhibition hall is used for the museum’s calendar of touring temporary exhibitions, housing precious artefacts and legendary prehistoric finds on loan from the world’s top museums

A world leader in scientific research and conservation, their exhibitions on Australia’s unique ecosystems and the plants, animals and people within them are there to inspire, amaze and motivate the next generations to protect the unique environmental and cultural heritage of Australia.

The majority of visitors find themselves completely sucked in to the natural history section. Apart from being home to the world’s first anatomical correct T-Rex, you’ll find a fascinating specimen library of birds, fish, mammals, frogs and insects, including a section on Australia’s dangerous wildlife (especially popular with overseas tourists).

The museum boasts over 18 million items in its collection (including 10 dinosaur skeletons). Not all of them are bones and stuffed critters. The fascinating Indigenous Pacific collection tells the story of the first Australians through artworks and cultural artefacts. There are loads of clever, educational interactive displays to appeal to young audiences, and for the very little ones (5 and under) Kidspace gets rave reviews for its absorbing array of hands-on activities.

Australian Museum, William Street, Sydney NSW, Australia