Anzac Memorial

Anzac Memorial, Sydney NSW, Australia

Both a work of art and a remarkable piece of architecture, the ANZAC War Memorial was completed in 1934 and is one of Hyde Park’s defining landmarks.

Designed by Charles Bruce Dellit, the memorial is considered one of Australia’s finest examples of Inter-War Art Deco architecture. A recent renovation project completed in 2018 essentially completed Dellit’s unfinished vision for the project, adding a spectacular cascading waterfall that was never completed at the time due to the onset of the Great Depression.

Originally built to commemorate the ANZAC soldiers who never returned from the First World War, today the memorial is a place of quiet meditation and a tribute to the sacrifices of all armed service men and women.

The centrepiece of the beautiful interior is the Hall of Memories. 120,000 stars representing fallen soldiers cover the massive domed ceiling.

Functioning as both a memorial and a museum, the interpretation space illustrates the evolution of Australia’s military achievements and shares the stories of the people present on the frontlines, relating tales from their personal accounts.

The Australian War Records section was established in May 1917 and includes numerous relics salvaged from the battlegrounds by returning troops.  

In the heart of the Memorial Hall, an arresting bronze statute, ‘Sacrifice’, has become its central motif. It illustrates the self-sacrifice of the young men in the spirit of duty, and equally, the sacrifice of the women who lost fathers, sons and brothers.

Your last final stop on this contemplative journey should be the Pool of Reflection. The glassy surface of the pool mirrors the building from the northern side and remains a call to stop, reflect and remember.

Anzac Memorial, Sydney NSW, Australia